Date: 1200-1300
Origin: stead


1 adjective
stead‧y1 W3


continuing or developing gradually or without stopping, and not likely to change:
Paul is making steady progress.
a steady rain
hold/remain steady
Employment is holding steady at 96%.
steady stream/flow/trickle etc
a steady stream of traffic

not moving

firmly held in a particular position and not moving or shaking [↪ stable]
hold/keep something steady
Keep the camera steady while you take a picture.
It takes a steady hand to perform surgery.

steady job/work/income

a job or work that will definitely continue over a long period of time:
It's hard to find a steady, well-paying job.


if someone's voice is steady, or they look at you in a steady way, they seem calm and do not stop speaking or looking at you:
There were tears in her eyes, but her voice was steady.
He could not meet Connor's steady gaze.


someone who is steady is sensible and you can depend on them:
a steady worker

steady boyfriend/girlfriend

someone that you have been having a romantic relationship with for a long time

steady relationship

a serious and strong relationship that continues for a long time
steadily adverb:
The company's exports have grown steadily.
steadiness noun [uncountable]

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