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steal the show/limelight/scene

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsteal the show/limelight/scenesteal the show/limelight/sceneATTENTIONto do something, especially when you are acting in a play, that makes people pay more attention to you than to other people Elwood stole the show with a marvellous performance. steal
Examples from the Corpus
steal the show/limelight/sceneMr Bodison all but steals the show.Proud though he was of his wife, Charles could not help noticing she was stealing the limelight.When it came to grabbing the headlines, it was regularly the opposition that stole the show.Kevin played to 50,000 at Glastonbury, stole the show at the Cambridge but somehow his name never quite stuck.Tailoring didn't steal the show, but jackets were there for women who can't imagine a wardrobe without them.However it was Neil Freeman who stole the show getting the better of all three Writtle players.It was only his second international but again out half Eric Elwood stole the show with a marvellous and mature performance.
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