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steamboatsteam‧boat /ˈstiːmbəʊt $ -boʊt/ noun [countable]  TTWa boat that uses steam for power and is sailed along rivers and coasts
Examples from the Corpus
steamboatThey would also operate an elevator, a steamboat service, restaurants, kiosks, and playgrounds.He took the small amount of money he had saved and bought passage on the Albany steamboat.Five steamboats loaded with thrill seekers arrived from Lake Erie, each with a brass band on deck.The whole thing had the odd appearance of a brick-built Mississippi steamboat beached and panting to get back to the lake.Next to the levee where no steamboat will probably ever dock again, the Missouri still slides by.The steamboats which took the cotton north are beautiful craft.He also captured tradesmen posing nonchalantly outside their stores and ragged black labourers awaiting hire to unload steamboats.
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