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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsteamysteam‧y /ˈstiːmi/ adjective  1 HOTWETfull of steam or covered in steam steamy windows2 SEX/HAVE SEX WITHsexually exciting and slightly shocking a steamy love scene3 a steamy day or steamy weather feels hot and humid
Examples from the Corpus
steamyWe drank a warm, steamy ale that Anders had brewed in the kitchen.In contrast to steamy hearings on the waterfront plan over the past seven years, only two critics showed up Thursday.Would they make love all day at some hot, steamy house somewhere in this glittering cosmopolitan city?a steamy locker roomsteamy love scenesThe three scents clashed deliciously and fought for supremacy in the hot steamy room.The movie contains some pretty steamy scenes!So return with us to that steamy, sweaty shanty in Old Boston Town.But he has written a steamy thriller, much to the surprise of his conservative minions.His latest production is a steamy thriller set in Hong Kong.The steamy yellow gruel in the bucket splashed out on to the kitchen floor.
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