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steer clear (of somebody/something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsteer clear (of somebody/something)steer clear (of somebody/something)informalAVOID to avoid someone or something unpleasant or difficult Jo tried to steer clear of political issues. steer
Examples from the Corpus
steer clear (of somebody/something)Pittman advises steering clear of any influence that puts our own happiness first.Investors steered clear of big-name high techs in favor of shares like karaoke equipment trader Nikkodo.Most of the multinationals have steered clear of commitments so far.She must steer clear of Matthew and then perhaps this ridiculous infatuation would wear off.British politicians tend to steer clear of religious topics.Others steered clear of temptation, like singer Errol Brown from Hot Chocolate.George Deukejian urged the candidate to steer clear of the issue, which he considers divisive.Hongkong Bank steered clear of the mania to lend to third-world countries that peaked in the early 1980s.I think readers should be warned to steer clear of these fish in the future.
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