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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstenchstench /stentʃ/ noun [countable usually singular]  1 SMELLa very strong bad smell syn stink the stench of urinesee thesaurus at smell2 UNPLEASANTsomething unpleasant that makes you believe that something very bad and dishonest is happeningstench of a government filled with the stench of corruption
Examples from the Corpus
stenchShe became gradually aware of an awful stench.I couldn't bear to go in the room with its stench of beer and vomit.A Manx shearwater colony has a particularly powerful stench.The dead body had begun to rot, and the stench was overpowering.The first week he vomited daily from the stench of the feces and offal and rotting meat.The slime they exude is obnoxious and slippery, and has the stench of rotting fish.The stench cut straight through to his stomach.The stench of blood and waste sickened him.The stench of the fuel floated above the pond Monday and rainbow slicks could be seen near its mouth.
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