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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstepping-stoneˈstepping-ˌstone noun [countable]  1 PROGRESSsomething that helps you to progress towards achieving somethingstepping-stone to/toward(s) The course will be a stepping stone to another career.2 stepping stones
Examples from the Corpus
stepping-stoneIn that image, life events are stepping-stones or crossroads.As a result regional trading blocs are emerging as natural stepping-stones in an evolutionary process toward a truly global economy.It was for three years only, but it was a promising stepping-stone to a proper appointment.And may this book be at least a small stepping-stone on your way.A different route this time around the back of the mountain, over the stream by way of some stepping-stones.On my map they look like submerged stepping-stones for a giant King Neptune, each stride 100 kilometers.Jobs became the stepping-stones for social advancement and personal fulfillment.stepping-stone to/toward(s)Phrenology also acted as a stepping-stone to various social crusades and encouraged women to take a pride in themselves.A further problem for the Church is that it may be seen by some people as a stepping-stone to a political career.But the objective worth of my degree was far surpassed by its value as a stepping-stone to other places, other identities.National movements were never ends in themselves, only stepping-stones to a liberated world order.It was for three years only, but it was a promising stepping-stone to a proper appointment.Unitarianism is often the stepping-stone to a rampant deism.The provincial competition should be a valuable stepping-stone to international rugby.
From Longman Business Dictionarystepping-stoneˈstepping-ˌstone noun [countable] something that helps you to progress towards achieving something, especially in your workThink of this job as a stepping-stone to something better.
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