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stereoscopicster‧e‧o‧scop‧ic /ˌsteriəˈskɒpɪk◂, ˌstɪər- $ ˌsteriəˈskɑː-, ˌstɪr-/ adjective  1 TCPa stereoscopic picture, photograph etc appears solid when you look at it through a special machine2 technical able to see the length, width, and depth of objects stereoscopic vision
Examples from the Corpus
stereoscopicThe embracing stereoscopic action gives a truer measure of volume, mass and space.These advanced primates had large brains and eyes at the front of the face that gave them stereoscopic forward vision.They also show in relief when viewed as a stereoscopic pair.More recently, in an age of man-made satellites, the polar stereoscopic projection and the equatorial stereoscopic projection have become important.To fully comprehend space we need stereoscopic touch, hearing and vision.stereoscopic visionThis guy was from stereoscopic vision.But remember that with one eye out of action, your stereoscopic vision is disabled and that means poor range perception.
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