Language: Old English
Origin: stiweard 'hall-guard', from sti ( STY) + weard ( WARD1)


Related topics: Horses, Air, Water
stew‧ard [countable]
1TTATTW a man whose job is to serve food and drinks to passengers on a plane or ship [↪ flight attendant]
2DSH someone who is in charge of a horse race, meeting, or other public event:
race stewards
3 someone who protects something or is responsible for it, especially something such as nature, public property, or money
steward of
Kissinger was now chief steward of US foreign policy.
4TA a man whose job is to manage a large property, such as a farm
shop stewardWORD FOCUS: plane WORD FOCUS: plane
similar words: airplane also aeroplane British English, aircraft

planes that carry people: passenger plane, airliner, jumbo

a military plane: warplane, bomber, fighter

people on a plane: pilot, co-pilot, captain, flight crew, cabin crew, passenger, flight attendant, steward, air hostess

the place where a plane lands or takes off: runway, the tarmac, airport, aerodrome BrE old-fashioned

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