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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstewardshipstew‧ard‧ship /ˈstjuːədʃɪp $ ˈstuːərd-/ noun [uncountable]  CONTROLsomeone’s stewardship of something is the way that they control or protect itstewardship of Some critics have doubts about his stewardship of the nation.under somebody’s stewardship The farm was quite a different place under Mom’s stewardship.
Examples from the Corpus
stewardshipPresident Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency, crucially acknowledging environmental stewardship as necessarily a federal task.The brothers actually harbored private concerns about his stewardship of the department, which they occasionally voiced to friends.Some are ambivalent about Bill Clinton and his stewardship of the nation.But the advance of the laboratory sciences depended essentially on stewardship of money: that is, on financial support.He wants us to account for our stewardship.Financial bondage is caused by a lack of contentment and poor stewardship.Baynton's long list of offices ranged from a keepership in Clarendon forest to the stewardship of Bristol.
From Longman Business Dictionarystewardshipstew‧ard‧ship /ˈstjuːədʃɪpˈstuːərd-/ noun [uncountable] the way in which someone controls and takes care of an organization or eventHe said that the firm, under the stewardship of his assistants, would suffer no disruptions.
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