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stick in somebody’s throat/gullet

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstick in somebody’s throat/gulletstick in somebody’s throat/gulletBritish English, stick in somebody’s craw American EnglishACCEPT if a situation or someone’s behaviour sticks in your throat, it is so annoying that you cannot accept it Her criticism really stuck in my craw. stick
Examples from the Corpus
stick in somebody’s throat/gulletSwallow, something sticking in my throat.Did he want me to eat shit or the words stick in my throat and choke me?The breath was stuck in her throat and her mouth felt dry.It stuck in my throat and I had to cough and cough to dislodge it.Now sheer monotony makes it stick in the gullet like sawdust.While the arrows still seemed stuck in their throats they danced to right and left with short, shuffling steps.
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