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Language: Old English
Origin: sticca


2 noun
Related topics: Daily Life, Food, Sport, Motor Vehicles
stick2 [countable]

part of tree

D a long thin piece of wood from a tree, which is no longer attached to the tree [↪ branch, twig]:
They collected sticks to start the fire.


a long thin piece of wood, plastic etc that you use for a particular purpose:
a pair of drum sticks
a measuring stick
Aunt Lou walks with a stick (=uses a stick to help her walk).


a long thin or round piece of something:
carrot sticks with dip
a glue stick
stick of
a stick of chewing gum


a long specially shaped piece of wood, plastic etc that you use in some sports to hit a ball:
a hockey stick

(out) in the sticks

a long way from a town or city:
They live out in the sticks.

get (hold of) the wrong end of the stick

British English informal to understand a situation in completely the wrong way:
People who think the song is about drugs have got the wrong end of the stick.


the handle you use to control a plane joystick


American English informalTTC a stick shift

get on the stick

American English spoken to start doing something you should be doing:
You'd better get your sales team on the stick.

give somebody/get (some) stick

British English spoken if you give someone stick, you criticize them for something they have done:
He's going to get some stick for this!

up sticks

British English informal if you up sticks, you move to a different area

➔ carrot and stick

at carrot (3)

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