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stickerstick‧er /ˈstɪkə $ -ər/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  Da small piece of paper or plastic with a picture or writing on it that you can stick on to somethinglabel Children get stickers for good work.bumper sticker (=a sticker on the back of a car)
Examples from the Corpus
stickerIf they were able to do this over the course of the whole meal-time they received a sticker on the chart.Sanitized trucks and combines will sport green stickers, and any other vehicles working in contaminated fields will be labeled in red.There is a waiver program, where vehicles that show a 30 percent improvement can obtain the license sticker.One of her big toes had an old sticker of scab on it behind the nail.When I was a child I once went round the house tearing all the stickers off.I know what his car's like - it's yellow, and he's got this sticker on the back window.Each child was proud of how good they had been, each of them earning three stickers for the three meals.After that we explored the lot periodically, coming home with stickers all the way up to our waists.bumper stickerThat he ought never put a bumper sticker on a new car.Our Houston office has been inundated with calls in the last few days from people wanting yard signs and bumper stickers.It sells buttons, bumper stickers, jewelry, license plate frames and other items at conventions and rallies.I feared souvenir stands selling bumper stickers and Austen joke books.A couple of months later I had some bumper stickers printed up.Our unsolicited advice: Cut off the dreads, peel off the bumper sticker, and just stop listening to reggae entirely.Only in keeping with the bumper sticker, the driver isn't heading to work at all.Two blocks south of the bridge he saw the first Volveremos bumper sticker.
From Longman Business Dictionarystickerstick‧er /ˈstɪkə-ər/ noun [countable] a small piece of paper or plastic with a picture or writing on it that you can stick onto something
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