stick‧y comparative stickier, superlative stickiest
1 made of or covered with a substance that sticks to surfaces:
There's some sticky stuff in your hair.
a sticky floor
sticky tape/label etc British English (=tape etc that is made so it will stick to surfaces)
2 weather that is sticky makes you feel uncomfortably hot, wet, and dirty [= humid]:
It was hot and sticky and there was nowhere to sit.
3 a sticky situation, question, or problem is difficult or dangerous:
a sticky political issue
sticky patch British English
The business hit a sticky patch and lost £4.8 million.
4 a website that is sticky is interesting to the people looking at it and makes them want to look at it for a long period of time

have sticky fingers

informal to be likely to steal something

come to/meet a sticky end

British English informal to die in a violent way

be on a sticky wicket

British English informal to be in a situation that will cause problems for you
stickiness noun [uncountable]

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