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stiff upper lip

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstiff upper lipstiff upper lipCALMthe ability to stay calm and not show your feelings in a difficult or upsetting situation Men were taught to keep a stiff upper lip. stiff
Examples from the Corpus
stiff upper lipElection losers, for instance, are traditionally expected to keep a stiff upper lip and not let their disappointment show.The Ulster Unionist security spokesman maintained a stiff upper lip as he had his moustache shaved off - for charity.Paul didn't keep a stiff upper lip because that was the way that he thought that Christians should behave.The stiff upper lip is a barrier against the trembling which could lead to tears.So please, leave the stiff upper lip to one side, at home at least.All he could produce was a stiff upper lip, while young Lady C cast meaningful looks at sturdy gamekeeper Mellors.
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