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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstiflingstif‧ling /ˈstaɪflɪŋ/ adjective  1 HOTa room or weather that is stifling is very hot and uncomfortable, so that it seems difficult to breathe a stifling, crowded train the stifling heat of the tropics2 PREVENTa situation that is stifling stops you from developing your own ideas and character an emotionally stifling relationship
Examples from the Corpus
stiflingThe heat in the narrow packed streets was stifling.The dark red and damson robes were heavy and stifling and they could not possibly be what she was looking for.Tempers frayed in the stifling atmosphere of blaring speakers and flashing lights.The people have the spirit to overthrow oppression, but their imagination can't yet cope with overturning their stifling bureaucracy.the city's stifling bureaucracyIn summer Venice is crammed with tourists and the heat is often stifling, but autumn is perfect for a short break.However, for the present, these characteristics are largely contained within the stifling constraints of the music industry's commodity forms.It was difficult to work in the stifling heat of the warehouse.The room was stifling hot.It was stifling in there; I was glad to get out.stifling heatThe sun was warm on my back, but the south-easterly wind took the edge off the stifling heat.At one, in the stifling heat, we took a siesta.
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