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still more/further/another/other

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstill more/further/another/otherstill more/further/another/otherMORE/EXTRAused to emphasize that something increases more, there is more of something etc Kevin grew still more depressed. still
Examples from the Corpus
still more/further/another/otherBut the consumer could benefit still further.With the passage of the Poor Law Amendment Act in 1834 the condition of labourers deteriorated still further.And I sowed seeds and grew plants and trees so that that place would be still more beautiful.The incentive to borrow was raised still further by a reduction in the costs of bankruptcy and an increase in market liquidity.Rape is a staple in pagan myth, and killing still more commonplace.His adversaries include still more cossacks, a border guard or two, a rabbi, and a pugilist.Clio engineers sought to improve still further on these virtues.I had eaten four or five slices of bread without satisfying my hunger, so I reached for still another slice.
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