1 adverb
still1 S1 W1
1 up to a particular point in time and continuing at that moment:
I still haven't finished painting the spare room.
Do you still have Julie's phone number?
see usage note yet1
2 in spite of what has just been said or done:
Clare didn't do much work, but she still passed the exam.
[sentence adverb]
The hotel was terrible. Still, we were lucky with the weather.

still more/further/another/other

used to emphasize that something increases more, there is more of something etc:
Kevin grew still more depressed.

better/harder/worse etc still


still better/harder/worse etc

even better, harder etc than something else:
Dan found biology difficult, and physics harder still.

still, always
Use still to say that a previous situation has not changed, and is continuing at the time of speaking He still lives (NOT always lives) with his parents. They still haven't sold their house. I still get upset when I think about it.Always means 'all the time' or 'every time' I always see him on Tuesdays.GRAMMARStill usually comes before the verb, or before the main verb if there is an auxiliary She still calls me regularly. Is he still crying? I can still remember them.!! Still comes after the verb 'be' It was still dark outside. You are still my best friend.!! Still usually comes before any negative word She still isn't ready. I'm still not tired. They still can't decide.!! Do not say 'still now' I still think (NOT still now think) he's the best player ever.

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