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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstinkingstink‧ing1 /ˈstɪŋkɪŋ/ adjective  1 SMELLhaving a very strong unpleasant smell syn smelly stinking garbage cans2 [only before noun] spokenANGRY used to emphasize what you are saying when you are angry I hate this stinking boring job!3 [only before noun] especially British English informalUNPLEASANT very unpleasant I’ve got a stinking cold.4 stinking letter
Examples from the Corpus
stinkingWith luck, she might be buried for ever under the wet newspapers, stinking food remnants and empty cornflake packets.The yards were full of stinking garbage cans, and untidy lines of washing.a dump full of stinking garbageHe pointed to the stinking hole that we were to use as a toilet.I represent areas with stinking housing estates.The scaffold there was the first thing I clapped my eyes on when we entered the stinking streets of Paris.You can not build a fair system on that stinking swamp of menace and malice and neglect.I don't want to watch that stinking TV show.You'd wed your daughter to a stinking Viking!But they'd had men dragging those stinking waters for twenty-four hours and they'd come up with nothing.He could hardly ease himself free from the great stinking weight.
stinkingstinking2 adverb informal  1 stinking rich2 stinking drunk
Examples from the Corpus
stinkingAt Christmas, I tend to get stinking drunk with schlock.
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