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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstirringstir‧ring1 /ˈstɜːrɪŋ/ adjective  EXCITEDproducing strong feelings or excitement in someone syn rousing a stirring speech stirring musicstirringly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
stirringThis was my favourite song as it was quite easy to sing and it had a stirring, catching rhythm.It was a stirring place to visit but maybe you wouldn't want to live there.Theatres and concert halls can be beautiful and stirring places, quite apart from what goes on in them.I make them, despite a stirring strangeness in my stomach.For the first couple of days this was stirring stuff - until practical difficulties began to take their toll.
stirringstirring2 noun [countable]  SHOW/BE A SIGN OFan early sign that something is starting to happenstirring of the first stirrings of spring
Examples from the Corpus
stirringEach morning there is a faint stirring of excitement when the zeks march to work.I hear the stirring of wings.
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