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stirrupstir‧rup /ˈstɪrəp $ ˈstɜː-/ noun [countable]  DSHone of the rings of metal in which someone riding a horse rests their feet
Examples from the Corpus
stirrupOasis wool-mix stirrup pants, £39.99.But what if the stirrups of their saddle had been changed, each being given a narrower set?Then Elmer gathers up the reins, leans back, and pulls his legs back, toes down in the stirrups.The icy metal of the stirrup stuck to my fingers and the sour breath of the horse was hot upon my face.Allen pulled out his knife and jabbed at the animal's flank where the stirrup hung.the stirrup of a shoeshine standThe riders use stirrups and large supporting saddles, so may be a cavalry unit.Made from 100% nylon these trousers have an elasticated & tie-cord waistband + stirrup legs.Then they did the whole thing all over again without stirrups, and all the time talking and shouting to one another.
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