2 verb
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stitch2 [transitive]
DH to sew two pieces of cloth together, or to sew a decoration onto a piece of cloth:
Mary is stitching a bedspread.
stitch something onto/across something
The jersey has his name stitched across the back.

stitch something ↔ together

phrasal verb
1 to put different things or parts of something together to make one larger thing:
In ten years, they have been able to stitch together a national network of banks.
2 to get a deal or agreement arranged

stitch somebody/something ↔ up

phrasal verb
1MHDH to put stitches in cloth or a wound in order to fasten parts of it together:
She stitched up the cut and left it to heal.
2 to get a deal or agreement completed satisfactorily so that it cannot be changed:
The deal was stitched up in minutes.
3 British English informal to deceive someone, especially in order to gain money from them
4 British English informal to make someone seem guilty of a crime by providing false information [= frame]

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