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stock exchange

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stock exchangeˈstock exˌchange noun [countable usually singular]  1 BFSthe business of buying and selling stocks and shares2 BFSa place where stocks and shares are bought and sold syn stock market
Examples from the Corpus
stock exchangeHer banker father had lost his fortune in the 1930 stock exchange crash.She made a fortune on the stock exchange.Small companies strike it rich by going public on the stock exchange.A bout of selling on the stock exchange, perhaps, or a cold snap that reopens the fuel price issue.Afterwards, the government was finally moved to insist that the stock exchange appoint a competent new management.Nonplused by the appearance of a woman, stock exchange officials told Paribas to choose a uniform for Sakuma.
From Longman Business Dictionarystock exchangeˈstock exˌchange [countable]FINANCE a market where company shares are traded SYN STOCKMARKETCompanies listed on the Madrid stock exchange dropped about 3% this year.the New York Stock Exchange exchange