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stockingstock‧ing /ˈstɒkɪŋ $ ˈstɑː-/ noun [countable usually plural]  1 DCCa thin close-fitting piece of clothing that covers a woman’s leg and foottights2 old-fashionedDCC a man’s sock3 in your stockinged/stocking feet
Examples from the Corpus
stockingZena pulled on another stocking and heard his footsteps echoing away up the corridor.There was no listing for stockings on the store directory.To him, a schoolmistress was a crusty Old Maid in a liberty bodice and lisle stockings.Then a bit later when I was just nodding off he says, Seamed stockings.Her skinny legs and swollen ankles, covered with white stockings, rest unnaturally on the footrests of her chair.Flossie's lead was now hopelessly tangled round Dotty's wrinkled stockings.
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