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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstodgystodg‧y /ˈstɒdʒi $ ˈstɑː-/ adjective  1 BORINGif someone or something is stodgy, they are boring and formal or old-fashioned – used to show disapproval a stodgy play2 FULL British English stodgy food is heavy and makes you feel full very quickly – used to show disapproval opp lightstodginess noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
stodgyIt was a little stodgy, a little old-fashioned.As usual when dealing with her, the poor old royals and their stodgy advisers were left in the dust.Much existing self-build is stodgy and dull.This contrasts greatly with another professional publication that I receive which is stodgy and insists on corresponding via an employer's address.the stodgy banking industryStress, lack of rest and too much stodgy food had made Pauline break out in spots.Supposedly, this nomination shows that stodgy, old academy voters are hipper, less traditional, younger.The food in Suzie's Cafe tends to be stodgy rather than fresh and light.So the stodgy respectability of the official state cinema becomes leavened with curious characters.The stodgy strands were long and thick and twisted, spotted with mobile gobbets of ketchup.
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