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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstoicalsto‧ic‧al /ˈstəʊɪkəl $ ˈstoʊ-/ (also stoic) adjective  COMPLAIN#not showing emotion or not complaining when bad things happen to youstoically /-kli/ adverb She bore the pain stoically.
Examples from the Corpus
stoicalThe other girl was Angela Woodin, flaxen-haired, quiet, kind, and stoical.The actual doctoring I've become pretty stoical about.He is stoical and resigned, while his father is emotional.That is one of the great things about the club golfer he is so stoical and resistant to his own poor play.But Gandhi was stoical in his bearing, cheerful, and confident in his conversations, and had a kindly eye.A stoical metronome, she moves only to brush a hand across her brow from time to time.He hadn't answered, just existed, staying there, stoical, not crying because you didn't cry.The story is narrated by Eva, a stoical woman who is constantly surprised at what life throws at her.
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