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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstolidstol‧id /ˈstɒlɪd $ ˈstɑː-/ adjective  EMOTIONAL#someone who is stolid does not react to situations or seem excited by them when most people would react – used to show disapproval syn impassivestolidly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
stolidBut the exit of his stolid and respected predecessor, William J.. Perry, provokes worry and doubt.Director Thor Steingraber displayed little more than stolid, but unambitious traffic-directing skills.The stolid chugging, the intense revving of big diesels, the bass throb: it all signalled heavy machinery at work.The drawbacks of this relationship are its stolid dullness and its tendency to focus power in a small circle of people.Might he surprise us yet with a daring belied by his stolid dullness?I must have reached out to him, extended my hand, gave him a stolid smile.For the second time Daley had misjudged the voter appeal of a seemingly bland, stolid, young lawyer named Richard Ogilvie.
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