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stonedstoned /stəʊnd $ stoʊnd/ adjective  1 informalMDDDRUG feeling very excited or relaxed because you have taken an illegal drug such as marijuana2 DRUNK old-fashioned very drunk
Examples from the Corpus
stonedThe guy playing lead guitar was completely stoned.Like a sixties' hippie, Preston thought irreverently, half way to getting stoned.All she wanted now was to get really stoned and lie back on the mattress thinking good thoughts.And I am not too tired, not too stoned and not too straight.One night I got stoned and saw exactly what I'd become - a spoiled, heartless little shit.But eventually there comes a time when you can't get any more stoned and still be happy."What did you guys end up doing last night?" "Not much. We got stoned and watched TV - that's about it."He stared with his stupendously stoned eyes at the assembled and stricken family.That was the usual clientele, the stoned inhabitants of local squats and basements.They're either in the local pubs getting stoned or tucked up in bed waiting for the big day tomorrow.
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