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stonyston‧y /ˈstəʊni $ ˈstoʊ-/ adjective  1 HEcovered by stones or containing stones stony soil2 EMOTIONAL#not showing any friendliness or pity stony faces a stony silence3 fall on stony groundstonily adverb Camilla stared stonily ahead.
Examples from the Corpus
stonyHouses white as virgins breathed their stony breaths and expanded their bellies until every polished name-plaque turned to the sun and shone.No one, not even Challenger, would see what lay beneath its stony carapace.She looked at him with stony eyes.They require considerable power, and are easily damaged on stony ground.the stony hillsideIn the morning, a stony light filled the room.This stony material is certainly much easier to crush and handle than a massive chunk of stainless steel.Ana was going down the stony path, almost at the gates.Whatever their hairstyles, serious critics mostly maintained a stony silence.They drove home in stony silence.Her friendly gestures were met with stony stares.stony silenceMost of the demonstrators maintained a stony silence.Mutinously she flicked her gaze back to where he was surveying her in stony silence.Ned appeared to be whispering sweet nothings in her ear but his attentions were being met with a stony silence!Whatever their hairstyles, serious critics mostly maintained a stony silence.
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