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stoogestooge /stuːdʒ/ noun [countable]  1 informalOBEY someone who is used by someone else to do something unpleasant, dishonest, or illegal – used to show disapproval2 APone of two performers in a comedy show, who the other performer makes jokes about and makes look stupid
Examples from the Corpus
stoogeHe accused her of being a stooge of the Tory Party.Even through quasi-delirium Jack recognized a Devane stooge.Like stooges, we accept in silence.It can be said he was addressing a captive audience ... of stooges.Others will divine whether the Martins were lucky hobbyists or party stooges.Community leaders in the area are widely regarded as police stooges.Kim was frequently regarded in the West as a Soviet stooge but this was erroneous.Nugent was supposed to be the stooge.The stooge who set up the question was a local Free Presbyterian elder!
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