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stoolstool /stuːl/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  1 bar_stool.jpg DHFa seat that has three or four legs, but no back or arms a bar stool2 medicalHBH a piece of solid waste from your bowels
Examples from the Corpus
stoolYou would be safer packing a bucket and a stool and driving a few miles to your nearest Holstein.Under the window was an easel and a stool and beside it a battered chest of drawers.a bar stoolI was sitting on my fishing stool wearing winter clothes, and a sailcloth robe thrown over me for extra warmth.Elder Brother fetched his stool and sat with the others.He and his girlfriend occupied two stools and had a lot of attitude because they were so successful.The fluid and ions are lost as watery stool.She was sitting on a tall wooden stool with a cleaver in her hand, chopping leeks.bar stoolNicola was shown on a bar stool in a black skirt that barely hid her crutch.I jumped up on a bar stool and began making a speech.They also provide a more comfortable perch than a bar stool for those most interested in conversation.If a patron throws a bar stool, Pat will at least have experience at dealing with it.I strolled over to a bar stool, mounted up and set Barry down in an ashtray.Professor Ito pulls himself up tall on his bar stool.A firm in Maidenhead designed an hydraulically operated bar stool with a large base housing a compressed air tank.He hoisted himself on to one of the bar stools and nodded in greeting to the barman who was busy serving another customer.
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