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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstoopedstooped /stuːpt/ (also stooping /ˈstuːpɪŋ/) adjective  MHbent forwards and down a thin man with stooped shoulders
Examples from the Corpus
stoopedThe Elle-men are stooped and old, and are happiest when lying in a pool of sunlight to warm their withered limbs.He stopped, looked down, then stooped and picked up the letter.He stood watching her, then stooped and removed his shoes.Between catwalks loomed the stooped carapaces of the Titans.A minute later a tall, stooped man came in and looked at them.He stared at the old stooped man with the thinning grey hair and bushy walrus moustache who controlled the nation's money.a stooped old manHe drew in a sharp breath, his stooped shoulders almost straightening.The four tall brothers walked in stooped silence but their wives chatted agreeably.
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