2 noun
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stop2 S3 W3 [countable]

come/roll/jerk/skid etc to a stop

if a vehicle comes to a stop, it stops moving:
The bus came to a stop outside the school.
The car skidded to a stop.

come to a stop

if an activity comes to a stop, it stops happening:
Work on the project has come to a stop because of lack of funding.

bring something to a stop

to stop something moving or happening:
David brought the truck to a shuddering stop.
The UN is trying to bring the war to a stop.

during journey

a time or place when you stop during a journey for a short time:
Our first stop was Paris.
We'll make a stop at the foot of the hill.
The trip includes an overnight stop in London.


TT a place where a bus or train regularly stops for people to get on and off:
Our next stop will be York.
This is your stop, isn't it?

put a stop to something

to prevent something from continuing or happening:
The government is determined to put a stop to the demonstrations.

pull out all the stops

to do everything you possibly can to make something happen and succeed:
The hospital staff pulled out all the stops to make sure the children had a wonderful day.


the action or fact of telling your bank not to pay an amount of money to someone:
I put a stop on that check to the store.


a handle that you push in or out in an organ to control the amount of sound it produces


SL a consonant sound, like /p/ or /k/, that you make by stopping the flow of air completely and then suddenly letting it out of your mouth

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