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stoplightstop‧light /ˈstɒplaɪt $ ˈstɑːp-/ (also stoplights [plural]) noun [countable]  American EnglishTTR a set of coloured lights used to control and direct traffic syn traffic lights
Examples from the Corpus
stoplightTaszar is just a village, with no local industry -- not even any stoplights.Businessmen talk on their cellular phones while holding on to the reins of their strong-legged animals at stoplights.At the first stoplight she leaned over and kissed him.Silver-thread waterfalls trickle down razorback cliffs, and red-torch ginger flowers glow like stoplights.After the second stoplight the walk is pleasant.At about 7: 50 the stoplights were working along Market Street, once again allowing drivers to run them.The city streets were magic again, like they were when stoplights went dark after the quake.
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