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stopperstop‧per /ˈstɒpə $ ˈstɑːpər/ noun [countable]  stopper.jpg Dthe thing that you put in the top part of a bottle to close itcorkstopper verb [transitive] a small, stoppered jar
Examples from the Corpus
stopperAfter lots of very interesting figures at the first big stopper of the Olympic Eiskanal, the winner was Boris Retzlaf.From Oddbins, Littlewoods and Budgen, it comes with an extra stopper to reseal the bottle.Then he removed the carboy, corked it with a glass stopper, and dropped it over the side of the boat.Others had ornate pewter stoppers or were nestled in velvet-lined boxes.If you want a taste of Torme as the consummate show stopper, Rhino offers you his classic, 15-minute Gershwin medley.The stopper was missing and the brandy had trickled out to soak into the sisal matting which covered the floor.She tried to stopper her nostrils against it and control any signs of shuddering.
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