1 noun
store1 S1 W1 [countable]


a place where goods are sold to the public. In British English, a store is large and sells many different things, but in American English, a store can be large or small, and sell many things or only one type of thing [↪ shop]:
At Christmas the stores stay open late.
shoe/clothing/grocery etc store American English (=one that sells one type of goods)
She worked in a bookstore during college.
go to the store American English (=go to a store that sells food)
I need to go to the store for some milk.
chain store, department store, general storesee usage note shop1


a supply of something that you keep to use later
store of
a store of wood
fat stores in the body (=that your body keeps)

place to keep things

a large building in which goods are kept so they can be used or sold later:
a grain store

in store (for somebody)

if something unexpected such as a surprise or problem is in store for someone, it is about to happen to them:
There's a real treat in store for you this Christmas!
As we left, I wondered what the future held in store.



a) PM supplies of food and equipment that are used by an army, navy etc:
medical stores
b) PM the building or room in an army camp, ship etc where these are kept

set great/considerable etc store by something

to consider something to be important:
Patrick has never set much store by material things.

shop, store
In British English, shop is the usual word and store is sometimes used to mean a very large shop where many different kinds of things are sold, for example a large supermarket or department store They live opposite a row of shops. This item is available in our London store.In American English, store is the usual word and shop is sometimes used to mean a small store that sells one type of goods Will you go to the store for me? a card shopIn British English, you can talk about the shops I'm going to the shops - do you want anything? But speakers of American English never say 'the stores'.See also shop

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