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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstorehousestore‧house /ˈstɔːhaʊs $ ˈstɔːr-/ noun [countable]  1 storehouse of information/memories etc2 old-fashionedKEEP/CONTINUE TO HAVE a building where things are stored syn warehouse
Examples from the Corpus
storehouseIt was only three minutes down the road, and Jim always had a storehouse of odds and ends.Or to put it differently, he saw in nature a storehouse of artistic forms.He wanted to instill the habit of absorbing information; he wanted them to build up a storehouse of knowledge.She looked around like a person hopeless of finding one small item in a huge storehouse.Go and be a hanger-on at Henry's storehouses, and pick up what grain you can.Our history - national and imperial - provides a wonderful storehouse of film drama.
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