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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstoriedstor‧ied /ˈstɔːrid/ adjective  1 two-storied/five storied etc2 [only before noun] literaryFAMOUS being the subject of many stories syn famous Sun Tzu, the storied Chinese leader and philosopher
Examples from the Corpus
storiedGrant's eyes swept up the massive three storied building to the roof.On an average autumn Saturday morning, when I was seven, I met eight men of this storied generation.Forget the poetic image of a perspiring Olympian brow reaching storied heights.Being the last of a storied line may be bittersweet.Amethyst Jade knew that Mr Lew could have forgotten his duty and disappeared in storied opulence in Zurich.The organization that views its storied past as the sole model for performance improvement is, in most cases, doomed.Jennifer and Megan stood, majestically, like storied princesses, and Janie followed.George Gillett signed the papers Wednesday to become majority owner of the most storied team in professional hockey.
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