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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstorytellersto‧ry‧tell‧er /ˈstɔːriˌtelə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  STORYsomeone who tells stories, especially to children
Examples from the Corpus
storytellerThe singer of popular song lyrics is a storyteller, and must communicate that story line in a personal, intimate way.I use the same archetypes storytellers have used for centuries.Carey's narrators have always been storytellers in the truest sense.Piercy has a fabulous imagination and is a gifted storyteller.He was a marvellous storyteller. The children would listen to him for hours.Toos and Alvin Sharpes arrived and sat on the stairs to listen to the story and stare at the storyteller.There is little doubt that Carey the storyteller, Kelly the narrator and the tale being told are uniquely well matched.Quite deliberately the storyteller has not reported what the runner told the people of the town.In the old oral tradition, the storyteller was an important link with the past.The storyteller knows what he is talking about.
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