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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstragglystrag‧gly /ˈstræɡəli/ adjective  UNTIDYgrowing untidily and spreading out in different directions straggly hair
Examples from the Corpus
stragglyHe had no razor of course, so he sported a straggly beard and moustache.There were a few leaves left on the straggly garden bushes, hanging all crumpled and lifeless.He smelled vaguely of joss sticks, and his long, straggly hair was flecked with dandruff.The straggly hair was trimmed and washed.I glimpsed the spiked heads of decapitated traitors, their shredded necks, gaping mouths and straggly hair.Juliet almost ran to the first house, which sported a wooden sign behind a straggly hawthorn hedge.Bottle-wrack looks the same and grows in the same straggly way.His wizened face sprouted the long straggly wisps of a white mandarin mustache and beard.
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