Date: 1300-1400
Origin: From an old past participle of stretch


2 adjective
Related topics: Drink
straight2 S2 W3 comparative straighter, superlative straightest

not bending or curving

something that is straight does not bend or curve:
a long, straight road
Try to keep your legs straight.
Always lift with a straight back.
her long, straight black hair
They sat down in a straight line.
The road was dead straight (=completely straight).


level or upright, and not leaning to one side:
Is my tie straight?
straight white teeth


honest and truthful:
I'd like a straight answer please.
Just give me a straight yes or no.
I think it's time for some straight talk now.
be straight with somebody
I wish you'd just be straight with me.

one after another

[only before noun] happening immediately one after another in a series:
The team now has an amazing record of 43 straight wins.


[not before noun] a room that is straight is clean and tidy and everything is in its proper place:
It took me two hours to get the house straight.

get something straight

spoken to understand the facts of a situation and be able to tell them correctly:
I wanted to get the facts straight.
Let me get this straight - Tom sold the car and gave you the money?

set/put somebody straight

to make someone understand the true facts about a situation:
Tell him to ask Ruth - she'll put him straight.

straight face

if you have a straight face, you are not laughing or smiling even though you would like to:
I found it very difficult to keep a straight face.

sexual choice

informal someone who is straight is attracted to people of the opposite sex [= heterosexual]

alcoholic drink

DFD a straight alcoholic drink has no water or any other drink added to it:
a straight whisky

not owing money

[not before noun] spoken if two people are straight, they no longer owe money to each other:
If you give me £10 then we're straight.


[only before noun] a straight choice or exchange is between only two possible choices or things:
It was a straight choice between my career or my family.
We did a straight swap - one of my cards for one of his.


[only before noun] a straight fight or competition is between only two people:
The election is now a straight fight between Labour and the Conservatives.


informal someone who is straight behaves in a way that is accepted as normal by many people but which you think is boring

not funny

a straight actor or character does not try to make people laugh

only one type

completely one particular type of something:
It's not a straight historical novel.


informal someone who is straight does not take illegal drugs

➔ set/put the record straight

at record

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