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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstraightawaystraight‧a‧way1 /ˌstreɪtəˈweɪ/ adverb  IMMEDIATELYat once syn immediately We need to start work straightaway.
Examples from the Corpus
straightawayWe should discuss the issue of the budget straightaway.He put his foot down straightaway.It's essential to get him in straightaway.So you can reap the benefits of earning interest on your interest straightaway!So, whether you're saving for something special or for a rainy day, you can start earning interest straightaway.They didn't search me straightaway because it was time to change the guard at six o'clock precisely.I turned to run back towards the pit, but straightaway I could see Dad wasn't there any more.The therapist can not expect to be able to do it easily and accurately straightaway or every time.Takat Singh arrived and straightaway set off through the soup with me tripping along behind him.
straightawaystraight‧a‧way2 /ˈstreɪtəweɪ/ noun [singular]  American EnglishDG the straight part of a racetrack syn straight
Examples from the Corpus
straightawayAlong a straightaway, a coyote raced the truck, his tongue flapping beside him like a tie.Luckily there was no traffic on the straightaway.
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