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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrainedstrained /streɪnd/ adjective  1 NERVOUSa strained situation or behaviour is not relaxed, natural, or friendly syn tense I couldn’t stand the strained atmosphere at dinner anymore. the increasingly strained relations between the French and German governments2 WORRIEDshowing the effects of worry or too much work Nina’s voice sounded strained. Alex’s pale, strained face
Examples from the Corpus
strainedLesley-Jane looked strained and peaky and her performance was once again subdued.I couldn't stand the strained atmosphere at dinner anymore.The strained atmosphere at the dinner made it difficult to chat with people.The meeting took place in a strained atmosphere.Our relationship became very strained because I had refused to lend him money.Since my father's affair things have been very strained between him and my mother.a strained expressionRuth looked away from Fernando's strained features.Enemas and suppositories may be of use but habitual use of these can create an unhappy and strained parent-child relationship.Will my hon. Friend look at the matter in light of the present strained position in the jobs market?Its very awkwardness symbolises the strained relationship.After the argument there was a strained silence.She had difficulty attending to Mrs Browning's questions and replied in a strained voice.strained atmosphereIt made for a somewhat strained atmosphere, but as a company they were used to that.
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