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strainerstrain‧er /ˈstreɪnə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  tea_strainer.jpg DFUa kitchen tool with lots of small holes in it, that is used for separating solids from liquidssieve a tea strainer
Examples from the Corpus
strainerDrain in a strainer, rinse and remove root ends.Turn down and pour the milk through a strainer into a bowl.Sieve the mixture through a fine strainer and pour into a freezer-proof dish.Strain the stock through a fine strainer or sieve.Drain in strainer and immediately plunge beans into ice water.Strain custard through fine-mesh strainer into second large mixing bowl.Carefully leaving behind any dirt that has settled, pour water through fine-mesh strainer into 4-cup liquid measuring cup.Chances are, not filter-cleaning, but attention to your pump strainer.
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