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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrandstrand /strænd/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 THIN OBJECT OR MATERIALa single thin piece of thread, wire, hair etcstrand of He reached out and brushed a strand of hair away from her face.2 PARTone of the parts of a story, idea, plan etcstrand of thought/opinion/argument Plato draws all the strands of the argument together.
Examples from the Corpus
stranda strand of silkBut if they are looking for strands of hope, they should look to Hostetler.Claude has suggested that there is an exponential relationship between the number of tight junctional strands and transepithelial resistance.It is the holder of prepared fleece or flax from which the spinner draws out strands.I stared for a long time, without touching anything, wondering why any of it warranted a protective strand of hair.For both complexes the additional blockages all occur at, or one nucleotide prior to isolated G residues on the template strand.Plato draws all the strands of the argument together at the end.We examined the broken ends of the rattan stay and found black spots of mould growing inside the strands.strand of hairSure enough, Lila had booby-trapped a couple of drawers by affixing a strand of hair slyly across the crack.He brushes a strand of hair from her forehead, giving her permission.She smiled into the old mirror and tucked a strand of hair into the loose bun that she wore.She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.A strand of hair had come away from the comb on top of her head and hung dawn her cheek.She repainted the figures in the foreground, each button and strand of hair etched with photographic precision.Undaunted, he began nibbling her earlobe, as fine strands of hair brushed his face.He was a mousy man: long thin strands of hair protruded erratically from under his steel helmet.strand of thought/opinion/argumentThey have a vital role to ensure all the major strands of thought, of opinion, of policy are fairly covered.Without doubt the strands of thought and philosophy overlap and, especially of late, converge.All these strands of thought fulfil a latent function for the housewife.
Strand, thethe StrandStrand, the  a famous street in central London where the savoy Hotel and many theatres are
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