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strangely/oddly/curiously etc enough

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrangely/oddly/curiously etc enoughstrangely/oddly/curiously etc enoughSTRANGEused to say that a fact or something that happens is strange or surprising Strangely enough, I didn’t feel at all nervous when I faced the audience. enough
Examples from the Corpus
strangely/oddly/curiously etc enoughVerence was right, oddly enough.It was a devastating headache but, oddly enough, as a rule he didn't mind it.Such basic work, oddly enough, has been largely neglected.And yet, strangely enough, he was.Yet, strangely enough, it was Martinho the malais appeared to favour.The workers responded with hundreds of ideas and, oddly enough, management accepted and implemented many of them.Her large grin and knotted black curls were, strangely enough, more memorable.Everyone was hideously drunk except strangely enough myself.
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