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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrangledstran‧gled /ˈstræŋɡəld/ adjective   strangled cry/gasp/voice etc
Examples from the Corpus
strangledI tried to shout like the two of them, but my cry came out strangled and distorted.After a few thrusting minutes Edward gave a strangled cry that seemed to come from deep in his throat and jerked out of her.With a strangled, gargling shriek, Carradine fell over, frothing at the mouth, arms waving.He made a strangled groan and swayed.Her mouth opened to scream for help, but the sound emerged as a strangled groan as she realised the mind-numbing truth.Yeb's big hand closes around mine, and we wait in strangled silence to be delivered.Tiny strangled sobs floated out of it and across the room.
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