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strangled cry/gasp/voice etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrangled cry/gasp/voice etcstrangled cry/gasp/voice etcBREATHEa cry or other sound that is suddenly stopped before it is finished Ed gave a strangled cry. strangled
Examples from the Corpus
strangled cry/gasp/voice etcGilbert uttered a strangled cry and leapt to his feet with shadow reflections of crawling rain on his spectrally white face.Lorrimer gave a strangled cry and lunged out.Then a sixth man appeared at the door, a small strangled cry came from Miranda.He thought he made some kind of strangled gasp; he knew his eyes would have expressed his emotions.But Gary in his slow strangled voice spoke a kind of poetry as he told me about his previous life.After a few thrusting minutes Edward gave a strangled cry that seemed to come from deep in his throat and jerked out of her.
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