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stratastra‧ta /ˈstrɑːtə $ ˈstreɪtə/ noun  1 x-refthe plural of stratum2 x-refa plural form sometimes used instead of stratum
Examples from the Corpus
strataSimilarly, increased odds ratios were found for different age strata.If the differences between strata are maximised and the variations within them minimised, the benefits from stratification can be considerable.The class approach Does the same fundamental value separate virtually all people in a society into a few distinct strata?But just below the layer of gently folded limestones that contains the earliest of the invertebrate fossils, the strata change radically.The strata at Olduvai make an intriguing window into the past.The strata identified in the class approach are called classes, the second key concept.The working-class occupations may be divided into skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled strata, and life-chances broadly differ according to the skill level.
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