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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstratagemstrat‧a‧gem /ˈstrætədʒəm/ noun [countable]  formalTRICK/DECEIVE a trick or plan to deceive an enemy or gain an advantage syn ploy
Examples from the Corpus
stratagemA stratagem I learnt early in my life was to hoard every emblem of success and destroy all evidence of failure.As soon as things get tough our enemies have a clever stratagem.His stratagem was to cross Riverside Drive and enter the first building, as if he lived there.Actually, neither stratagem is likely to do much.As a partial solution, Combined Fleet decided to resort to a special stratagem that had already worked successfully once before.They fell for the stratagem and the plot was resumed.A summary of acute therapeutic stratagems is provided in Table 3-4.
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